• Date:December 31, 2022
  • Time:06:00 PM
  • Location:Cinegold
  • Website:http://yourdomain.com/
  • Event type:Music Festival
  • Target audience:Youth
  • Organised by:Cyclone Pr


As we welcomed the new year of 2023, Cyclone PR and Ufone 4G teamed up to organize a New Year's Eve celebration function that promised to be an unforgettable experience. From live music performances to mouth-watering food and a breathtaking fireworks display, the event had it all, held at the CineGold Plex in Bahria Town, the event was the perfect way to welcome the arrival of 2023.

The event was held at CineGold Plex Bahria Town, a beautiful venue that was transformed into a stunning party destination for the night. The entire place was decorated with colorful lights and balloons, creating a festive and lively atmosphere that set the tone for the evening's festivities. Guests could be seen mingling and dancing to the music, enjoying the ambiance and company of friends and loved ones.

The artist’s lineup for the night was top-notch, featuring a variety of talented performers who kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening. Sahara UK, a popular band known for their fusion of Eastern and Western music, had the crowd dancing to their beats. DJ Inna Ra and DJ Faisal Baig, two of the most sought-after DJs in the industry, played a mix of chart-topping songs that kept the energy levels high. Sahir Ali Bagga, a renowned singer, and composer performed his hit songs, captivating the audience with his soulful voice.

The food and beverages were other highlights of the evening, with a wide variety of delicious dishes and drinks to choose from. From scrumptious appetizers to mouth-watering main courses, the menu was designed to satisfy all tastes.

As the clock struck midnight, the entire crowd joined in a countdown to welcome the arrival of 2023. The fireworks display that followed was a breathtaking spectacle, with colorful explosions lighting up the night sky. Guests were also treated to surprise performances and other special moments that made the evening even more memorable.

The collaboration between Cyclone PR and Ufone 4G was a win-win for both companies and their customers. By joining forces, they were able to create a truly unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration function that left guests raving. The event showcased the strengths of both organizations and demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality experiences to their customers.

The New Year's Eve celebration function organized by Cyclone PR and Ufone 4G was a true success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the organizers. The event was a perfect way to start the New Year and set the tone for the months to come. We can't wait to see what Cyclone PR and Ufone 4G have in store for us next!

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